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A little sample of the food tasted last week in England :

a traditionnal veggie breakfast I had for lunnch (how I missed this!), a delicious mango & berries smotthies from Rick’s café in Oxford, a delicate yuzu mousse cake at Monocle Café (Chiltern str, London), and my guilty pleasure : a fresh and original milkshake from Shakeaway!

I also had an awesome veggie burger at Atomic Pizza (Oxford), but I couldn’t wait to start eating and didn’t even take time to take a picture.

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LONDON - July 2014

I didn’t take that many pictures while in England. I didn’t even take pictures of the friends I met - I guess I’m all about living the present moment, carpe diem and all that sh*t.

Moreover, I lived in London for 4 years and did all the touristy things during school trips when I was a teen, or when my mom visited, so when I go back I very rarely go on sight-seeing walks. Maybe I should!?

So here is my first batch of the London area pics : (from top to bottom) Chelsea Harbor, a r’n’r horse in an antique shop in Chelsea, a mail box painted gold in honor of Mo Farah’s success at the Olympics 2012, Banquet records in Kingston, and a view of rhe river in Kingston.

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Back from London where I had a great week, went places, did some shopping, met friends (and made new ones!), ate good food, and experienced a damn heatwave.

Pics to come soon!

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