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I am not messy, I am organised, I cook and clean happily, but another presence is hard for me.
I wish it were not so, because I would really like to live with someone I love. I just don’t think I know how to do that.
So it’s better to accept my not quite adjusted need for distance and privacy.
Jeanette Winterson, “Why Be Happy When You Can Be Normal?

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Yesterday evening I attended the taping of a game called “Le Jeu des 1000€” (“the 1000€ game”, literally) for the France Inter radio station. The questions were SO hard - except the one about Game of Thrones!

2 guys won, but the next 4 lost.


Enregistrement de l’émission du “Jeu des 1000€” de France Inter hier. Beaucoup de candidats, peu d’élus vu le niveau élevé des questions. BOn, j’avais quand même la solution à celle sur Game of Thrones!

2 vainqueurs poiur commencer, puis 4 perdants!

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Yep, I’m an adult and I LOVE Playmobils. Deal with it.

For those who don’t understand, these displays are incredible because they’re so complete and detailed, added to the fact that they come from a PRIVATE collection. It wouldn’t be that impressive if it was from the Playmobil company - too easy.

Try to understand before judging. Each their own / haterz gonna hate etc

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"40 years of Playmobil" exhibition at Musée du Jouet, Moirans, FR.

- Camping & Beach : boats, yachts, hotels, forests, camping-cars and swimming pools, picnics, lilos and divers….

- Le Camping & la Plage : bateaux, yachts, hôtels, la forêt, camping-cars et piscine, pique-niques, matelas pneumatics et plongeurs…

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